Everyone Has a Story

Welcome to Personal History Guide

My name is Bryan Baker and I’m an avid personal historian. Through this website, I will be exploring all the exciting ways you can build a lasting personal history around you, your family, your organization, your town, etc.

Most of us have photos scattered in boxes, computer files, etc. We have video on tape and on hard drives, SD cards, etc. Some have audio too. We’ll look at ways to preserve and document such things and how we can create a compelling experience in formats like books, videographers, wall timelines, websites and more.

As I near retirement I want to share my experience from a career as a production graphic designer, recording artist and magazine/website publisher with others. For whatever reason, I seem to be the family historian. I’ve always collected photos and stories. I sit with my parents weekly, recording audio as we talk about their life and their family. I have photo tables, scanners, printers and even cricut machines, sublimation equipment, booklet makers and more.

As the manager of a large graphic production shop, we create things like legacy walls for companies, family history books, websites and much more. History covers many things and takes many forms and I love it!

We’ll get into all of that and hopefully provide some insight for your own personal history journey that impacts the people surrounding it.






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