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What is personal history and why do I need a guide?

The old saying says that a picture is worth a thousand words, but whose words relate the most accurate story? Is accuracy even of primary importance or is history entirely subjective?

I have this picture on my computer and it’s titled, “Mom and Dad’s Wedding in the Logan Temple.png” I posted this as the featured image in a blog I wrote about taking them to lunch for their 70th wedding anniversary.

But I began to think that things didn’t add up.

On our way to the restaurant, mom said that the weather was similar for their wedding. They were married on January 2nd. The weather in 2022 was clear and snow covered the ground.

This picture shows a warm day with no snow.

So here is where personal history telling becomes interesting. Why was this photo titled how it was? Was it a simple mistake or does the wedding have a larger story?

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